Virtual Physics Studio

C# Script / Unity / Leap Motion
Virtual Physics Studio – Developed a virtual laboratory to test laws of Physics by using hand motions to generate solid geometrical figures and control them, implemented using LeapMotion, Unity Game Engine, and Trinus VR.
System Architecture
System Architecture
Figure creation motion
Pick up a figure
Push a figure
Grab a figure
Switching the Figure Selection mode & Gravity conversion
Main UI
The balance maintains level
Reduce the left weight values
The balance tilts to the right side
Inelastic collision
Elastic collision
Change the current background (SkyBox)
Palm UI (Leap Motion Hand)
Figure information UI
Used Technologies
A. Leap Motion
Based on the infrared images shooted by the LeapMotion IR camera, the hand is recognized by processing them and 3D hand model is implemented to suit the hand.
When LeapMotion camera recognizes a hand, it outputs the hand model specified by LeapHandController. A gesture can be created or a collision event can be specified due to checking out the position of each finger in the hand model.
B. TrinusVR
Screen output from PC
Screen output from smartphone
TrinusVR is a program that outputs PC screen to suit smartphone VR headset like cardboard. The method that use smartphone as an HMD VR headset using TrinusVR has been chosen.
  • OS : Windows 10 (64bit)
  • IDE : Visual Studio 2015 / Unity 5.5.2.f1
  • Language : C#
  • VR Tool : Leap Motion 3.2.0 / TrinusVR
YoungEun Lee, HyunWoo Choi, MinSeok Kang, HanSang Lee